The Money Pouch is a new way to automatically invest your money safely

"Smarter, Automated Investing for Professionals, Families and Businesses"

Monthly Auto Trading / Best Execution Algorithms / Low Cost / Risk Reduced

Our computer algorithms constantly monitor & trade your investments to maximise the risk/return reward
Your investments are managed automatically by our algorithms to reach your goal of retiring earlier

Investment Management at a Fraction of the Cost

The total annual fee for our service is

This includes investment management, account management, custodial charges, admin fees and the fees to run our automated computer algorithms. Buying/selling ETF's are charged at the custodian rate of only 0.005 USD per share. There are no performance fees or extra commissions added.

Your Intelligent Portfolio

Automated Rebalancing

We diversify across stocks and bonds to give you the optimal mix depending on the time of year and your risk levels. Every month, your portfolio is rebalanced to lock in profits on winners and to buy ETF's at a discount. We also adjust the weightings seas

The Best Financial Products

From a universe of over 1,500 ETFs, we select the ones which are best for you: low cost ETF's with high liquidity and low tracking error

Developed by Expert Traders

Our investment and risk management technology was developed in collaboration with a team of Swiss algorithm experts with experience of investing over $30m in a portfolio. Please also refer to our white papers for the methodology

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  • Personalised Investment Management

    Smarter investing for global expats and workers on the move

    Who has time to trade whilst they are at work all day?

    Who wants to sit in front of a computer screen for hours trading, when they could be doing something more productive?

    Who wants to pay hedge fund managers huge fees when less than 20% of hedge fund managers beat the index?

    We give you the best of both worlds by using index trackers for trading (ETF's), whilst using complex computer algorithms for optimal trading and rebalancing of risk.

    That way, you can concentrate on work & play, whilst our investment service trades on auto pilot on your behalf , looking after your money 24/7.

    No need to rely anymore on whether a human has had a bad day or is tired. Our robot traders never get tired and never stop working on your behalf.

    Invest from as little as $10,000

    Auto Invest


    We assess your risk for investing with a short questionnaire and find the optimal investment strategy for you

    Auto Sign Up


    We help you open an investment account and you can fund it through a simple online bank transfer

    Auto Adjustment


    Set up and forget: Our system works tirelessly on your behalf 24/7, choosing the optimal ETF investment portfolio, automatically adjusting the stock/bond ratio monthly and continuously assessing risk, so you can sleep at night

    Monthly Automatic Risk Adjustments

    Automatic Risk Adjustment to Maintain Risk Optimization

    The goal: Optimal return for your risk preference.

    The strategy: We use cutting-edge technology to make this possible in all market conditions. Our portfolio construction largely depends on a customer’s individual risk limit. If a breach of this risk limit is projected, the portfolio is automatically adjusted. For example, by shifting the portfolio from stocks to bonds or vice versa. That way we are locking in profits and buying poorer performing ETF's at cheaper valuations.

    This keeps your risk level down and maximises returns. We also adjust for seasonality. Please see the white papers for more.

    We also have another fail-safe mechanism of going to cash if markets turn into bear markets as an extra safety precaution.

    The result: Your risk does not fluctuate with the market, but is constantly adjusted on your behalf automatically, so you can sleep at night. Our computer algorithms do all the work for you.

    Investment in the capital markets comes with risk. Please read our risk warnings.


    Our Team

    Our team at The Money Pouch combines a wealth of trading experience with innovative thinking. Our investment management, IT and algorithmic team consists of over 10 members with qualifications ranging from engineering, economics, quantative finance, computer science, big data, risk management and investment management. 

    Security is Key

    The Money Pouch use the latest IT infrastructure and encryption to ensure your data is safe. Your personal details and all other information are encrypted with bank-level security. There is also a two step encryption process where you will provided with a secuity card to log into your account to view your data.

    The Money Pouch is the official Robo Adviser of Hudson James Investment Management, who have a "category 3" investment licence and are listed with the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commissions (BVIFSC). More information can be found at

    Your money and securities are held by our custodian partner, Interactive Brokers who have $5bn under management. The securities in your portfolio are insured by bothe the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) in the USA for up to $500,000 and larger accounts insured for up to $30m with Lloyds of London. You can read more about the institution's financial strength and account protection here.

    The Interactive Brokers Group has offices in the USA, London, Europe, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sydney, Shanghai, Canada, India and many other locations worldwide. 

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